Moon Climb the Wall and the Necros of the Gods

27 03 2009


Just got back from an excellent show in Orlando that kicked off Moon Climb the Wall‘s east coast tour. Never heard of this fellow until my Orlandian companion told me about Moon’s previous activity of getting together neat DIY, experimental shows over here in the land of Magical Kingdoms and soccer mom stomping grounds. I was really impressed by his combination of soundscapes that went from soft and cold to more harsher, loud washes of sounds and beats that he infused even further with deep, manipulated hip hop vocals. It’s a new sound he says he was working on, and simply put, it was really fresh. The Moon Climb the Wall tour will rock.

Also to mention, the Necros of the Gods played a really great set as well that I was overblown by. Every song displayed a sound different than the other, and even individual segments within songs conveyed a certain genre. To me, it was like experiencing the punk band of our generation, where various styles and an array of instruments (mostly electronic) pushed towards a new, refreshing sound. They closed out their set with a song called ‘Outer Space,’ which was my personal favorite.




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22 10 2009
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