Android Beach and 2nd Renaissance

28 03 2009


This is a small comic tape insert I made for the NYC based punk band Totally Dad. The electronic song ‘MIAMI BEACHI FUTURI’ as well as others will be featured on the tape.

On a side note, I’ve been really getting into robot design lately especially since we’ll be seeing plenty of new machines and technologically advanced parts in the near future (!!!). Just go take a trip to Japan sometime. Besides watching lots of Robotech, Bubblegum Crisis, and the Neon Genesis series, I’ve recently watched again the two part story ‘The Second Renaissance’ from the Animatrix DVD. Created by Mahiro Maeda, who’s been a key japanese animator working on some of Japan’s top series and movies. He’s designed the ‘Angels’ from the Neon Genesis series, as well as working with Blue Submarine No. 6, Nausicaa: Valley of the Wind, and Escaflowne. It makes perfect sense after reading up on him because I’ve been fascianted by his style in all of his works, which I’d describe as very bio-mechanical, slick, pure, and very modern, even in an unmodern setting. Here’s a clip from ‘The Second Renaissance,’ Maeda’s dystopian feat from the Animatrix.




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28 03 2009
Future Works

He commented that “since January the 2nd, the gates seem to be opening again.” He added, gI hope the momentum keeps up h. Future Works

30 03 2009

totally dad!

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