Uh Oh Spades

29 03 2009


Tampa based (soon Nashville bound) electronic musician Uh Oh Spades is a Cosmic bros. favorite and best friend for years. Starting out in ’04 in a cold, ambient foundation, Spades (J. Harrington) has come a long way since through many changes of dance oriented styles, from hip hop doodling, electro noise and more recently house music that would be really fitting for the 1st dance club for robots.

The cassette tape ‘Wreck,’ J. Harrington’s 4th release, finely demonstrates one of these significant transformations of his sound that merged the dark, crunchy dance beats of his beginnings (such as the blue-tooth bashing ‘Eardumb’) with lighter, whimsical, neon flavored ear magic (Stella Mountain). Add a dash of celestial heights to the palette (especially on ‘12th cent’) and you got yourself morph music that’s suitable for dance sessions, chillout sessions, Katamari Damacy, and me personally, cat playing sessions. The link below is a full download of this sold out release, so check it out!

-video for ‘Dingo Lady’ by Uh Oh Spades

Uh Oh Spades – Wreck

Track List:

1.       Stella Mountain

2.       Giggletron

3.       Dingo Lady

4.       I will be Obscene

5.       Eardumb

6.       12th Cent



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