Speak to me Electronically

8 04 2009


Will a virtual world be a solution to a real world? Will all of life’s suffering be ultimately eliminated as controlled environments are created and altered into personal fantasies? Distant friends, family and lovers will be able to appear at any given moment, so the feeling of loneliness will no longer be an issue. They can now be a part of your fantasy world and you have the ability to visit theirs. Also, with the help of upgrades to a virtual reality system, will we be able to pick up signals of other virtual programs far out into the other reaches of our galaxy?

With that connection, we’d be able to share each other’s information, history, culture, and most importantly, development cosmic love and understanding. We would even be able to share highly advanced knowledge that could take us to other worlds (non-virtual) in many ways to be imagined. Quite possible, our human minds will find the ability to temporarily transport into mechanical bodies from distant planets that will give us surreal planetary experiences. It would be the easiest way to fully meet our far away neighbors and their homeworlds without even leaving our own planet. Thus being said, virtual reality, as long as it is in the right hands towards a common good, could possibly be the greatest key to unlock the secrets of the universe, as both inner networks of infinite possibilities and outer connections combine to reveal and share limitless knowledge. It is the closest thing we can create to heaven as living, curious beings. Perhaps a modern day Tower of Babel, but this time the initiative is to reach across the universe that’s around us; not the heavens of the beyond. It may very will be the last invention humankind may ever develop.





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