2 Years Ago 2 Days Ago

13 04 2009

2 Years Ago 2 Days Ago, in all honesty was the very best day of my life so far. So many things made sense, and so many wonders were discovered in me and outside of me simultaneously. Let’s just say it was an “art experiment” gone beyond. Being that this is a blog where both art and art related things are written, I will share with you as many pieces of the puzzle from this best day ever.

Start. This moment leads to new future. A new understanding. A new road, a new path. Slick, clean, fast, forward, pure. Hey, won’t won’t you put on that ‘Neu!’ album? Let the motorik beat take you on ride. Feel the new seats. Let the dashboard fulfil your future dreams. How fast? What color? What album? Where to?


Everthing merges with the night. Another green world. In Dark Trees. Spirits Drifting. Why does everything sound so significant? What is that pulsing electric current in the branches of the trees? Everything, and I mean everything, merges with the night. And when morning rises, everything disperses. People, animals, and plants all awaken from the universal dream realm back into the world where everything has their differences, drives, and purpose. This was beginning to be a bit too much for me, so back into the room I went.

Feeling a bit scared. Honeycomb shapes pixelating the world around me. Everything breaks down to such small sizes that it barely means anything. If everything is nothing, than I’m nothing. I’m no different than my vaporizing environment. The ‘Piper at the Gates of Dawn’ plays the role towards this materilizing discovery, and the underneath of cushions of couches will never be the same again… There’s a vortex just waiting to suck me in for eternity.


-‘The White Light of Clear Thoughts,’ spring 2007


-‘Stay Away From Ghosts,’ spring 2007

At this point I needed some sort of direction. I realized that my ‘spirit’ needed to go somewhere that my body couldn’t quite comprehend, or go to on its own. I needed to construct floating thought bubbles (or orbs in this case) onto something physical. I grabbed my weapon of choice, black charcoal and started going away at it. As soon as my hand reached paper, I felt the sense of a giant cosmic hand around my hand drawing with me as I went. A sense of a ‘clear light’ came into my own head as I was doing this, and it glowed onto both of these drawings of heaven and hell. Wonder came into my mind as I looked onto the ancient avian race’s faces as they stared up into the emitting light. The troubled descending souls on the bottom of the drawing however gave a sense of confusion, lost, and darkness. Mummified patterned people shooting lasers in a blind confusion of constant turmoil and sadness. Oh, and this was the soundtrack to these drawings>>>

The feeling of everything and nothing kept getting pulled back and forth, and the ego finally drifted away and a new sense of rebirth came over.

Part 2 (with way more drawings, lot less talking) tomorrow!




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