2 Years Ago 2 Days Ago Part 2

14 04 2009

7:00 AM

So after becoming the ‘Kid A’ (my translation would be rebirthing to a new soul starting from scratch) I put on Machinedrum’s ‘Bidnezz’ album full of glitches, bleeps, and otherworldy beats. This is what I drew to it>>>


-‘Patterned People’

Urban life. Architecture. Patterns, people. Culture. The outside world. I honestly don’t remember what I was thinking when I drew this, but this drawing certainly came to life, wiggled around, changed form, breathed in, and once I discovered my highlighters I was amazed by the true magic that they’re capable of. Bright pulsing colors will put the hugest smile on your face ever.


-‘Power to the Power’

Somewhere down the line after seeing flashes of ‘the eye of god’ looking into me and a couple of things around the apartment looking more beautiful than ever before, including a chair with the same electric current pulsing down its chair legs the same way the tree branches were, I was beginning to have a strong sense of power. Quite opposite of the egoloss, I felt moreso like a shaman just waiting to share a cosmic knowledge with the rest of the world. I drew ‘power to the power’ from indentions on notebook paper from a previous page and created as it seems some sort of overbearing demi-gods that stem their power from their environments. The jaggedness and the electricity type feel to this drawing probably was influenced by the sheer celestial noise force of My Bloody Valentine’s ‘Loveless’ album.


-‘Where’s my Body?’

My roommate awaken around this time to the other drawings I’ve done already out on the floor and me staring at what appeared to be blob puppies coming out from the TV screen. I told him the best way I could at the time everything I felt and was feeling at the time and eventually admitted that I’d explain everything, and I mean EVERYTHING sometime later. I also did a portrait of my best friend Sean who came by to hang around noon. Felt good to finally be around people, especially my best friends (was supposed to go to the beach with Alex but that didn’t and probably wasn’t going to work out) and ‘where’s my body?’ was the last drawing I did that day because I wanted to get outside and look around and just take everything in.




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15 10 2009
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