Technological Differences

26 04 2009

‘Technological Differences,’ a collection of loops, samples, drones and messing around (on the computer, since I didn’t know how to record my equipment at the time) is finally put together and available for download. It’s sort of a battle between Utopian dreams and Dystopian fear. Thanks solely to my brother who helped get rid of a virus on my computer and re-boot it to a new start back in fall ’08, being somewhat of an influence on the project. Songs about advanced technological warfare, hacking into brains, finding love in a post-apocalyptic environment, the internet, and ancient races leaving behind magical healing weapons. Hope you like it! -AO


Track Listing:

1. Stuck in High Definition
2. Launch not Lunch
3. Buffet
4. Neo-Tokyo
5. Logan
6. Lullaby of the Ancients
7. Machine God
8. I’m Hacked
9. Ocean Star
10. Laser Army
11. Mind vs. Mind
12. The Lab
13. the nothing
14. The Visitor
15. Window to the World
16. Sci-Fi Love Story (part 1)
17. Sci-Fi Love Story (part 2)
18. Sci-Fi Love Story (part 3)
19. New AI
20. Far Out Space Nuts

Also pick yr own cover art for your ITUNES or whatever




one for the dark at heart





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