Mix CD for the Wandering Soul

28 04 2009


-‘God Realm,’ spring 2009

Here’s a mix CD I made for my Asian Humanities class that I meant to include in the ‘Realms’ post from a few days ago. The project besides the art portion was to also incorporate the different spiritual journeys of the Tibetan ‘Wheel of Life‘ into sound form.

The tracks I chose have very few vocals, giving it an overall ambient, floating feeling to the album, unless of course there’s chaos amidst (the ignorant realm of animals; people living as a herd, not individuals) or an overbearing force of darkness especially in the hell realm. The realm of the Gods are enlightening, while the human realm is a transcendental journey towards the universal pool of consciousness and bliss. Demi-Gods are primal yet highly advanced/evolved beings that are between the metaphysical and physical realms in order to balance the cosmos with their power and wisdom. And last and certainly least is the realm of the hungry ghosts, where a human soul that once had strong potential towards a spiritual high have fallen towards an eternal void yet in this state constantly lusts, wants, and never feels satisfied because of its lack to accept the suffering of life.

Download Realms Mix

Realm codes:

G – Gods
H – Humans
DG – Demi-Gods
A – Animals
HL – Hell
HG – Hungry Ghosts

Track Listing

1. Boards of Canada – Opening the Mouth (G)
2. Panda Bear – Search for Delicious (G)
3. Brian Eno – Here Come the Warm Jets (G)
4. I Am Robot and Proud – The Work (H) 
5. Broadcast – America’s Boy (H)
6. Mouse on Mars – Paradical (H)
7. Alien Overmind – Lullaby of the Ancients (DG)
8. Gang Gang Dance – Vacuum (DG)
9. Black Dice – Gore (DG)
10. Lightning Bolt – Megaghost (A)
11. Mars – Helen Forsdale (A) 
12. Extreme Animals – God Jam (A)
13. Secret of Mana – Oracle (Battle with Thanatos) (H)
14. Liars – Let’s Not Wrestle Mt. Heart Attack (H)
15. Craow – I Just Hate (H)
16. Panzer Dragoon Saga – The Final Battle (recurrence) (HG)
17. Atlas Sound – Recent Bedroom (HG)
18. We Love Katamari – Blue Orb (HG)
19. Panzer Dragoon Saga – Breath of Life (G)
20. Uh Oh Spades – 12th Cent (H)

-Brian Eno – Here Come the Warm Jets video by hunchybunker

-Boards of Canada – Opening the Mouth video by Bez

-Gang Gang Dance – Vacuum video by Irwin

-Black Dice – Gore

-We Love Katamari – Blue Orb




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