7 05 2009


Robobot/My Bad Self split

            Whoa! This is a blast from the past (2003-2004 to be exact). Only one copy of this CDR was ever recorded, given as a gift, and now thankfully in the hands of the internet available to spread it’s electro entanglements. Just think of it as Jesus sharing his bread, wine and whatever else (fish?). Anyways, this split was made by two of my longtime friends (Robobot = J. Harrington aka Uh-Oh Spades, My Bad Self = Stephen Calligan) and was recorded halfway through highschool purgatory. We were somewhat nerds (at least I was and still am), we were angry, we were critical, and most of all, we all wanted to do music. So while proto-bros, proto-broettes and the mallternatives drank illegally, fucked each other, did their 1st keg stands, got daddy to buy them new cars and talk about the new [insert any shitty ‘hardcore’ emocore fake ‘punk’ shit here] album, these guys were putting together this split of electronic chaos.

            On My Bad Self’s tracks, there are shades of Gary Numan, quirky Residents-ish rambles and even some dark, tape loop soundscapes (such as the last two tracks featuring an early Out/Mode) that portray a sense of 80’s-ish alienation. Robobot’s tracks are short and sweet, and regardless if a song has high videogame NRG melodies or dark dancefloor beats, it’s always club or house party appropriate. That is, only if it serves to the droid/electro loving kind. Also worth noting is that this is where an early Uh Oh Spades kicked off from, taking the beats from the bedroom to the stages and clubs. These are the only memories of highschool that I like to keep, in MP4 form.

          If you like music that never came out for SNES/Nintendo 64 games or brooding 80’s synth pop albums, you’d enjoy this. Some of these tracks now even remind me of the short computer pop instrumentals from the Paper Rad ‘Trash Talking’ dvd. Download link above ^^^

Track Listing

Robobot side


1. gang of robots
2. the horror club
3. we don’t drive cars
4. metal shoes
5. the boss stage
6. boredom
7. nothing
8. ah ha ha
9. this is robot love
10. picture perfect proposal
11. a shy shot of robot marriage
12. why
13. rain is bad for the robot
14. i am the explode

My Bad Self side


15. there’s something funny about communism
16. love is like an oreo cookie
17. shut up or I’ll buy you
18. there are many things you can’t do when you’re dead
19. track featuring Out/Mode pt 1
20. track featuring Out/Mode pt 2 





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