Soothsayers and Stargazers

14 05 2009

ESP Garden

Starting this summer you’ll see some posts of an online comic I’m working on called ‘Soothsayers and Stargazers.’ I’d like to consider it as a mix between the Metroid videogame series with Lewis Carrol’s ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ and themes of nature/order (yin and yang), dystopias, rebirth, growth, evolution, and universal concepts all inspire the direction of the story, all through the eyes of a little girl, named Realm. Environments will be from digital photos or scanned magazine landscapes and characters and objects will be drawn out and combined.

Realm and her only friend Geist, a highly advanced spaceship with AI and transformational powers, have each other but feel really alone in the universe and are clueless about their own origins. They search throughout the Milky Way galaxy for life on other worlds and often find ruins of a past civilation on planets and space colonies. It isn’t until they come across an ancient yet advanced relic on Earth (which Geist can interpret a virtual reality simulation from the planet’s past) that they begin to find other destinations where life or other answers are to be discovered. More similar relics are found and virtual prophets reveal to Realm not only how a planet’s self destruction came to be but also helps her grow and learn from an entire race’s fallout.

Realm – main character/heroine; a young girl who is unfamiliar with her past who travels throughout space and lifeless planets with her only friend, a highly advanced spaceship equipped with a high level of AI. She is curious, adventurous, glowing and kind. Throughout the story as she grows up, she wants to learn what it is to be human, how to love and the backbone of life and the universe. She becomes more mature and calm as she becomes older yet still possesses a will to find other life besides herself. She’s somewhat of an inspiration from Final Fantasy 6’s character Relm, a little girl that can make anything she paints come to life.

Geist – ‘sidekick;’ an advanced spaceship built with a high level of AI that allows it (him) to communicate with Realm and understand her and her emotions, although he cannot process these feelings and same ambitions himself. That being said, both Geist’s systematic, ordered thinking and Realm’s emotion driven, instinctual motives and curiosity help balance each other out; they only have each other, therefore they need each other. Similar  to Realm, Geist also doesn’t have a detailed background of his origins, although at least was programmed to carry out a very important mission involving Realm (as a form of babysitting at first in a way) to collect relics among once life thriving planets in order to give “lessons” to Realm, which not even Geist can comprehend by himself.

More characters? Maybe. Or maybe not…. you’ll have to find out to see. I’m done with the story’s main premise, so unless you get me inebriated and ask me about the comic’s whole story, I’ll have a post for ‘Soothsayers and Stargazers’ hopefully every week, so keep your eyes peeled for it sometime soon! If I’m running behind I’ll at least have some sketches and character/planet profiles to post, since everything’s still in a very early stage. Enjoy some Brian Eno and Robert Fripp for now>>>>




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