Panzer Dragoon Saga Tribute

4 06 2009


I can’t help having an art blog and not mentioning my love and admiration of the Panzer Dragoon video game series on here. It’s art, music, and storyline of the series, especially on Azel: Panzer Dragoon Saga, have been a huge inspiration on me and has been something I’ve been paying more attention to as my love of ancient forces meeting advanced technology becomes more evident.


The design and storyline has a lot of Final Fantasy elements to it, such as post apocalyptic environments where societies try to learn how to advance again yet some find “ancient” powers that they can use either for good or evil. The music adds even more to this element, being very primordial, mysterious, and heavenly futuristic. This link captures a lot of the art of the entire series while this guy discusses the art direction more in depth and it’s connection with the game. There aren’t too many games these days that have a unique style and a breath taking art direction such as the Panzer series and other 90’s RPG’s, and hopefully this will change soon.

I highly recommend the Azel soundtrack not just to video game music lovers but also anyone into ambient soundscapes, tribal jams from another world, short instrumentals and in general electronic music you probably wouldn’t get to hear often. The link below is a downloadable of the whole album and I posted a couple samples of my favorite songs from the album (also I posted a song before under the beach photo post ‘Breath of Life’). Czech it out! Also I’ll probably insert my favorite cutscenes from the series at some point on here.

Azel: Panzer Dragoon Saga OST






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