Away from Home

13 06 2009

I just finished reading ‘Out of the Silent Planet,’ the 1st book of C.S. Lewis’ Space Trilogy where the main character is taken away from Earth to a planet called ‘Malacandra’ as a human sacrifice. He then escapes his captors and is left alone as a stranger on a strange planet, but slowly learns of the planet’s origins (give you a hint… it’s red), the natives’ language, and the evil external forces that are taking over the life and its planet. The trilogy as a whole is often regarded as one of the few ‘Christian Sci-Fi’ novels through Lewis’ high regard of age old spirituality over science, where having faith is more important than fact. It’s a good read, mostly an introduction to the rest of the trilogy but I enjoyed the imagery and alien surrealism that fills up the story’s landscapes and creatures the most. Below are beautiful covers (that make me want to bust out some water colors) of all three books, done by fantasy artist  Kinuko Y. Craft:




Also on a related note, one of my buddies started a new band called ‘Teenage Triangle,’ and man I love it! After listening to a couple demos, it made me think of what an old, cold factory would sound like if it was suddenly turned on by a heartwarming force and was closely analyzing New Order during it’s off time. Thanks to Carson for the track below.

Teenage Triangle – Homeless




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