The Nest of the Elders

23 06 2009

the elders

-The Elders, fall 2007

Curl up. Crawl back into the center of your mind. Utilize this opportunity to create your barrier, a barrier meant to separate your body from your consciousness, where physical planes are no matter. Now listen. Feel yourself float and flow. You’re returning back to your nest. It was here before you, spawned you, and forever is here for you to come back to. This is where you and your unconscious self has grown, and here you are eternally guided as you slowly learn your self awareness. This nest is simply you from the outside in, feel yourself transform and breathe and gain comfort where there is chaos. For this relationship with order and nature is the lesson you must learn, environments change but adaptation is important. Just as a garden grows, one must grow from this garden as an individual but never forget one’s relationship with it’s flowers and it’s beginning and be ready for an end no matter where it takes you or doesn’t. The wisdom you gain here is your personal greater knowledge and understanding. Without this, you are shell-less, targeted, unready and forever lost in a void where there is no purpose, growth, or beautiful expanding wings in existence. Stay aware and feel the connection. Let yourself be a group of cosmic elders helping you in your cocoon like state. Glide like a guide. Grow. Experience. Repeat.




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