27 06 2009


-Tio, from Grandia 2 for Dreamcast

This post is a tribute to two of some of my favorite things: robots and women. I would also include female cyber punk figures from some great film/animes/comics but I wanted to strictly scope out the innocent, gentle, naive nature of the awakened, confused female automatas that try to slowly collect data of their environment, the ways of human nature, feelings, and most important of all, who they are and what their purpose of being built is, whether that purpose serves of good or evil. I’m probably missing A LOT since I’ve never owned a PS/PS2 in order to play a large RPG library (such as Xenogears), however these are my favorites>>>


-Melfina, from the Outlaw Star series


-Mew, from Jet Set Radio for Dreamcast. I never was sure if she was a grafitti sprayin’ rollerbladin’ future robot or not, but I’ve always wanted to think of her as one.


-Pris, from Blade Runner


-Motoko Kusanagi, from the Ghost in the Shell series


-Maria, from Metropolis


-Tima, from the Metropolis anime


-Yale, a possessed robot from the Dreamcast game Tech Romancer


-Katsura, from Terror of Mechagodzilla


-Azel, from Panzer Dragoon Saga for Sega Saturn


-Android 18, from Dragon Ball Z


-Leeloo, from The Fifth Element. Not sure if she counts but she was biogenetically made. AND is one of my favorite characters of anything of all time.

cyber girl

-my own attempt at drawing a cyber punk girl, eh, I’ll get better!



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