Totally Globular

3 07 2009


Alright, so here’s the tour post I promised myself about. Here’s a quick recap of the roadtrip:

Bands that toured: Globular (my buddies Andy and Fuji, blending space with science)
Aaron Zarzutzki (particle processing)
Skeleton Warrior (electronic gang street warfare)

Bands that didn’t tour: Weak Sisters (too angry to tour?)
Michael Jackson

Destinations: Jacksonville, Gainesville, Orlando, Miami, Tampa

Jacksonville, Shanty Pub

-Magic Owl

When we got into the venue, we walked in on Future Computers’ set, which was a shame we got there a bit late because I really digged their sound. The drummer of the band was the dude that set up the event and was super nice. Magic Owl, who’s video I posted above, was the first act I caught a full set of, and I was totally blown away! The video’s sound quality kind of sucks, so the sound doesn’t give it justice. Magic Owl played dark, even beautiful sounding vortex loops that brought to mind some of the same ground that early industrial and electronic noise artists explore, but at the same time sounded even more outsider than those genres. His garb of ripped, collaged, pattern oriented cloths and accessories intensified his presence with his alienating music, while swinging around a rope tied to a mystical crystal. All of these were ingredients, in my most bloggish opinion, to an overpowering, mindblowing set, and I loved it!

-Matrix Infinity

The next band I also enjoyed and became intrigued with. Matrix Infinity is a 3 piece, electronic, girl sci-fi band that reminded me a lot of early Tangerine Dream when they still had a drummer that jammed out through the epochs of space. Electronic Meditation might be my favorite two word combo, FYI. The Jacksonville scene seemed cool, and I’m not sure if it happened to be this particular show, but I definitely got a sense of darkly bent space (out) jams from this night.

Gainesville, Abandoned Church Building

This was my first Action Research show experience, and needless to say it turned out really great. I don’t have any videos to post related to this show, but I was really stoked to finally see the mad scientist Hal McGee play alongside bandmates Ironing and No Limit Cycle in a harsh electronic project called Deep Trench. The name totally fits, as I felt I was being sucked deeper and deeper into a collapsing environment of clashing, pulsing waves. Frog put on a beautiful, enlightening accapella performance, and this was the first night that we met paths with Skeleton Warrior, who closed out the night with Dr. Frankenstein’s mind controlled dance beats. G-ville still has a breathing electronic/experimental scene.

Orlando, Quarterly Noise Fest

-Haves and Thirds – performing ‘The Craziest of Pipers’ off bayshore Tampa

The Orlando stop was actually a double doosey; the first night was an art/film showcase that featured neat films such as my friend’s project Chances (everything you’ve ever liked about left-field shorts are here) were shown. The second was an all day fest of many noise, punk, sassy, and electronic bands. Not everything was my cup of tea to be honest (especially the Dad Noise bands and the sassy and/or lazy noise) but the in between awesomeness were the key moments. My personally favorites were Dark Sea of Awareness (rhythmatic sweet dance progression), Triscults doing a projector meets flowing formations set, my friend Jessie and Danny Mcguire (forgot their band name!) doing some sort of a no wave meets Annie set that reminded the audience that not all music is music, and… I was totally blown away for about the 13th time by a surprise Haves and Thirds set that I had no clue was going to play. This dude is seriously one of my idols, most likely I’ll be more in depth with his music and label on this blog later, but this set, as always, was short and sweet, really really sweet. If a swirling, dream pop band like Cocteau Twins teamed up with a hip hop producer, it wouldn’t sound too far off. Also to note: my buddy Stephen and mine’s band called Cyber-Swarm played our second show at this event, which was a lot of fun to be a part of.

Miami, Club Goo

This was my first visit to Miami, and we skipped beaches, bass and booty to go straight to Club Goo, where two of the three were present so still a winner. The opening band (or bands?) sounded good for what they wanted to go for but wasn’t fancy tickling enough for me. However, it was here (and the next show in Tampa, more on that later) that I felt were the best Globular and Aaron Zarzutzki sets throughout the whole tour. Maybe it was the 122 hours of beer, the Turkish cassette tapes, seeing Twizo the happiest lab or DJ Voodoo Space Crystal that helped build up this formation of extra-planetary soundscapes. Zarzutzki hands down would’ve won a Science Fair with his propulsion of various objects, textures and forms that make you second guess that not all objects sound like the way they look. Globular, a project my buddies have been working on (and name changing) since a 2009 like era, hit it off perfectly this night,  using their arsenal of electronic equipment for electronic transportation. Twinkling, crystal clear cluster sounds form layer upon layer upon a dead planet that eventually over the course of time create new landscapes of breathing, evolving forms that are both beautiful and deadly. And then… a voice came from one of the bodies! Survival of the illest! Also to note, I met the drummer of What’s Your Damage? that also does a blog called West Palm Beotch Records, full of some really rad music downloads.

Tampa, Skeleton Warrior’s House

Tampa, Fl, my humble home-brewing town, marked the last point on the tour at the Skeleton Warrior Branch Ranch Pervert Pit. An awesome punk band that played an assortment of pop covers opened at this but I didn’t catch their name. Also, not saying this just because they’re my buddies or because they might read this and buy me a pizza for being awesome, but the Globular/Zarzutzki/Skeleton Warrior sets were at their tightest. Zarzutzki turned the dark on, Globular had me in a trance, and Skeleton Warrior had a porno world party up in the attic where the bass can entrap you with ease. Cyber-Swarm played in this attic’s aftermath with a question of time.

So, overall, the tour went well, no one died (except for MJ), none of us were taken advantage of, I enjoyed playing random Alien Overmind/Cyber-Swarm sets, and it was a lot of fun to meet a lot of people and see some cool bands from not too far away places. Florida may be a horrible place to live in if you plan to tour the rest of the country or actually experience seasons, but despite that there’s evidence of some great music cultivation that’s growing throughout towards a new phase of sounds both freshly advanced or simply just really good and thought out.



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6 10 2009
Things I’ve Picked Up Recently « Super Cosmic Bros.

[…] music and some long lost synth pop. I heard this song a few times over the summer during their Florida tour and hearing it crafted onto vinyl really hit things off, and the dance party didn’t stop […]

6 10 2009

the punk covers were by Stead and His Larson!

6 10 2009

ah ok, thanks! I saw them play at Bloodfest too

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