Volume One

6 07 2009


Uh-Oh Spades – S/T, 2004-2005

Time, believe it or not, can sometimes be a very beautiful thing. It acts as a placemat for phases, memories, experiences (both good and bad), and most important, opportunity for change.  It’s really quite thrilling to take a look back at sprouting seeds and seeing how they’ve grown since, with roots intact. That being said, it’s awesome to see how some of my friend’s (and strangers at the time)’s music projects and art have grown tremendously over just a few years. Excuse my habits of reminiscing, but seeing these changes and progressions up into now gives me a mental kick.

Uh-Oh Spades, now known under the new name DEEYAY, bought his first Korg synth and drum machine back in ’04. During this time, we were still listening to a lot of industrial and Depeche Mode, and while I moped around watching czechoslovakian stop-motion films, he was creating downbeaten, eerie, even ambient at times electronic music. To this day, even though Spades has come a looong way since into a new phase of hypnotic dance-floor music, these early tracks still sound interesting, deathly-organic and weird; detached sounds have always been a part of UOS’s forte. Like a loner, translucent electronic bird, these cold chirps have attracted similar vibrations that have slowly came together to form this.






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