Gauntlet Legends – Part 1

17 07 2009


Gauntlet Legends = two Tampa dudes (one’s now in Nashville); Carlos Bruno aka Los Boogie on vocals and vibes, and beat modulator Yaycub (of Deeyay/Uh-Oh Spades)

A hip-hop electronic project that formed out of freestyle impromptu groove sessions during an often Capcom, retro video gaming aftermath. Only a few tracks and instrumentals were recorded, and in the future holds the opportunity for possibly more. I for one would kill to see this project live, especially this Street Fighter inspired jam off their album ‘All teh dank.’ I’ll post two other songs later this week, thanks for Jacob for sending.





2 responses

18 07 2009

Wow….that song is amazing. Carlos should record more of his stuff, it’s great. And I can’t wait to hear more from Jacob also.

18 07 2009

Yeah, I’m glad to have friends that can make such killer music. I meant to snip in a link for Jacob’s project Deeyay but here it is, the song 12th cent is one of my all time favorites

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