A little less Soothsaying and a little more Soothaction

29 07 2009

Comic Update!

So after spending a day or two doing sketches and story boards of the 1st Chapter for my comic ‘Soothsayers and Stargazers,’ I scanned a couple pages to send to my friend James (who’s helped me in the past with a flyer for a show) who asked if he could help me draw the comic. I was thrilled to hear this and definitely said yes, not only because I already like his drawing style but also we both share a love for elegant design, minimalism, patterns, and a lot of the unique stylization of fantastic video game and animation series such as Xenogears, Final Fantasy, Phantasy Star, and Neon Genesis. This big extra help will help bring this comic into a progressive, shared direction and will actually propel me to work on it more. I’m really excited.

Anyways, we discussed a lot about the character design and story, and here’s a couple sketches that James drew from my concepts. Also for anyone unfamiliar with the story’s brief summary and characters, you can refer to this post here. We are now working on the 1st Chapter.


Photo 66

-a good idea of Realm’s face


-1st dress concept. This reminds me a lot of Yoshitaka Amano’s Final Fantasy character design


-Realm in a pretty accurate, almost final stage. Her hair will turn purple.



-Geist (her spaceship friend) in its flying form, which propels through space the same way a squid does underwater


-2nd Geist drawing




One response

30 07 2009
King Earth

It looks awesome.

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