The Beach Trip and Tales of the Electric Forest

11 08 2009

Picture 1189

-Egypt calling, 2007

(note: all St. Pete beach photos below were stolen from the internet for poetic purposes)


-The chairs for lifting off


-Ocean Star

An arrival on an unexpected edge of the world
Where sunsets paint beautiful visions across the sky
And honeycomb magic begin to foreshadow
Of the night of the hivemind wonder to come
Orange told pink not to be so yellow
While the clouds yelled, “look over at the purple flashing lightning bolts
that are striking the sand at the corner of your eyes”
And to my amazement the electricity appeared everywhere
As I watched safely in ocean field of dreams
A basking combination of water and wind flowing through
To the point where body and ocean combined
Towards endless vastness of waves and forms
“This is where it ends?” a return to a vacuum of hydricity
Where all things of the land and sky are forgotten
Until from the plunges of the deep, matter is released
And brought into new form back onto shore
And this is how I got back after turning around


-the Robot Tower overlord that was “looking out for us”

As an emitting, flashing light glowed the new sands in front of me
Buildings along the shore, pulsing with club colors in their every window
Straight into the pupil of my eye, leading towards the teachings of the electric forest
“Insight me, enlighten me, energize me, electrify me”
Never let these trees of energy stop growing
Parallel to this were the inner workings towards inner land
Where things are going on, but does it know what’s going “on?”
It seems to be that maybe the edge of the world is always calling
To give every individual a piece of it’s own mind away from fabrications
And as birds turned shooting stars stroked across the midnight sky
I came to the thought, that maybe matter should return towards a greater edge
Towards stars and other systems beyond our own fabrics of understanding
For no other purpose other than being a part of a bigger vacuum of space/time
Slowly gazing back down, looking at humanoid formations in sand dunes
I realized I was not ready to get sucked into this ocean portal quite yet
I returned back home since it was all I had left to fully understand




One response

11 08 2009
Dresden Lemanski

Pink palaces and felt mustaches, pasted to the buildings.

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