Pink Skirt

20 08 2009

Picture 0102

Alien Overmind – ‘Pink Skirt’

In the beginning of spring, CrAow and I released a split tape that you might’ve remembered me babblin’ about when it was fully released. I’m pretty sure there’s not too many copies left, and if that’s the case, the CrAow side might be unavailable to some virginal ears just waiting to get brutalized into the gaping black hole of everything you’ve always feared. However, for anyone interested in what I’ve been doing somewhat recently, my side, Pink Skirt, is now downloadable. Tell me what you think. Tell me if it turns you on (and who, between Sean Halpin and I, look better in a dress)



1. Cherubs Singing Through Dimensional Cracks

2. There’s Something Inside You That Can’t Be Destroyed

3. Quantum Spooning

4. Machine Friend

5. Phantasy Star

6. What Does a Party Smell Like?

thanks to Jacob Harrington’s recording skillz and Sean Halpin’s demands at SAFG


-‘Infinite Love’ by M.B. Horton, 1999




3 responses

22 08 2009
King Earth

Sounds awesome, man.

23 08 2009

thanks John!

6 09 2009
Introducing: CrAow « Super Cosmic Bros.

[…] below is Side One: Raspberry Dress from the Ladies Night Split with Alien Overmind. Get this and that and you have the whole thing. And…. listen to this on headphones, maybe even try it with your […]

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