Small Pox

3 09 2009


So today I spent a good amount of time scoping some interesting blogs out and came across lots of good stuff (Byron House, Unicorn Hard-On, Dark Sea of Awareness, and loads of new bands I’ve never heard of off No Not Fun Not No’s blogspot). With that in mind, I wanted to share some of the shear forces I’ve found, but only if it somehow relates to what I’d like to call (for lack of a better current term) east coast experimental music. That’s a pretty broad term and it could be a vast array of a lot of things, but anything music related that I’ll be posting as far as downloads go will be somehow connected to things on here already or any kind of new fascination or discovery I might have within DIY culture.

Small Pox, from Charleston, SC, is definitely a good example of that. I saw these dudes play at Bloodfest ’09 during the night set, and their tribal, shamanistic punk sounds drew me in and gave me some sort of new dark vision. I love their description on their myspace space:  “there’s a sliver of darkness that magik put inside my soul… and it’s like a compass needle for other dark… stuff.”

Also I got to check out their split with Parts and Pieces of Past Ticiples.  A fatal fury force that pulls you into the unknown and keeps you there through all of it’s swirlieness made up of dead soul echoes. The download below is a live track recorded at Greenwomb by Josh, and if you look at the ‘Vault of Blood’ post there’s an entire live set recording from Bloodfest. If you enjoy these tracks, you should look into getting their split.





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