Introducing: CrAow

6 09 2009


Some of you know; some of you may not know. CrAow, aka Sean Halpin, is a Nashville noise dude that puts lazy, white-noise anti-musicians to shame. Instead of relying on long drones of “shhhhrrrrrrrrrrrkkkkkkkk” for unnecessary amounts of time, CrAow focuses more on the mind-melting aspects of frantic, interchangeble layers of sound from tape-loops, pedals, delays, overdubs, layers of vocals straight from interstellar evil spirits, and minimal instrumentation as they all form into an abysmal collage of dark matter. Like being on a pathless ship during a dark, moonless night storm, only to get thrown deep into the ocean while hearing random revolting sounds and lost hope melodies approach you from all directions. Some of it even reminds me of the mood and soundtrack to an alien doomed earth, such as the videogame Contra III. There ain’t no going back baby.

CrAow has been a project Halpin has been working on for about a year, and is also a runner of the Florida/Nashville label Stay Away From Ghosts, which many of the projects associated within and closeby have became an initiation for me to contort myself and create some sounds. I’m glad I got to play a lot of my first shows with him, as his dark style that he leans towards has maybe rubbed off on me a bit. But, now that I think about it, isn’t the rest of the world leaning towards a darker direction anyways? The download below is Side One: Raspberry Dress from the Ladies Night Split with Alien Overmind. Get this and that and you have the whole thing. And…. listen to this on headphones, maybe even try it with your intake of choice!


Track Listing

1. Hello Freedumb!

2. No Hope

3. Room Full of Glass

4. $$$

5. Yr Ladies Night Out




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