Where’s the Youth?

10 09 2009

Picture 1202

Uh-Oh Spades – Where’s the Youth? EP


This week is going to be ‘Oldies But Goodies’ week, where I’ll be digging through data and physical data for releases from my friends that I feel will be good to share. I think Uh-Oh Spades will be a good place to start. Just like other previous Uh-Oh releases and other friends’ bands work, this EP is also a personal relic for me, but I’ll keep most of that personal hubbub to the side and talk about the music. I do remember those days though very well; the early fascination with Orlando electronic weirdos Yip-Yip, setting up shows at the skatepark when it was actually still kind of cool, pizza ordering crazes, Altered Beasts frustration, and saving $$$ to move into our 1st apartment where we both kind of started figuring ourselves out I felt.

Anyways, this shortie but sweet as cake EP is one of my favorite Uh-Oh Spades’ releases, a precursor to the transitions to come on albums such as ‘Wreck’ and ‘Look What You’ve Done (Neon Filth)’. Furthering away from the murky, cold wired landscape sounds from earlier material, Spades (Jacob) went into a somewhat more upbeat, quirky electro direction that calls for that boombox touting, addidas wearing MC to give his heart to. But, just as the title questions, the beat-driven, star-eyed youth is lost and voiceless, which ends up making the album sound like the score to a robotic-ruled video game, which is fine with me. Favorite tracks: Memorial Mold and Beet Beat.


Track Listing:

1. Projection Suicide

2. Sunnier Sunshine

3. William Tell

4. Habitual Barker

5. Bangkok

6. Let it Rock

7. Memorial Mold

8. Beet Beat




-all photos by Jen M.



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