12 09 2009


Merchandise – S/T EP


While 2008 isn’t exactly old news, I don’t have any early material from any of these Tampa dudes’ solo projects at the moment. Merchandise is Carson C, David V, and Patrick B, and together with their love of post-punk, post-hardcore and other artistically inclined records of our time, they create an energy field marking of their own. Carson’s singing has a certain natural poetic feel to it that goes along perfectly with the Mission of Burma shaded bass lines, sweet as a feather but sharp as a knife sounding guitar riffs and simplistic, ‘go with the flow with force’ drum patterns.

I was quite impressed by the recording quality of this release, especially for a 1st album. I’m a lo-fi, dirty mess music lover at heart, but it’s still refreshing to listen to something rinsed out and well constructed together. And as I mentioned before, this album would be ideal to bring to listen to on a road trip along with Mission of Burma’s ‘Signals, Calls and Marches,’ Dinosaur Jr. and Husker Du. Also to mention…. last time I saw them live, they covered one of my favorite Wipers’ songs, ‘Mystery!’ Download was taken from punk loving icoulddietomorrow‘s blogspot. Similar Tampa/Orlando bands: Dads, Spirit Bomb, Dave Vassalotti, and Dead Horse Detective Agency.


Track Listing

1. ______

2. I’m Still Right

3. Target

4. Kill The Light

5. Moving Out

6. It’s A Man’s World

Also to mention, if you see any links from the past that are broken, that’s because I was using ZSHARE and I didn’t realize files submitted on there are only temporary. I’ll be fixing this soon; I’m going to change every download I’ve posted to mediashare (waaaay better) and post everything on one post soon. I’ll make download links a lot easier to find too. If there’s anything that anyone wants right away, just let me know and I’ll fix it sooner.




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