12 09 2009


T-Func: One Man. One Legend. One Truth. He speaks of a wisdom that will help uplift our race during this post-modern age. Along with Astrove, age old stories have told that these brave persisters of reason, Astrovian Func, are the only hope that we have left to save us from the turmoil of 2012. Note: T-Func is to Pro Bro Gold as John Cooper Clarke is to Joy Division.

-T-Func at the Crawlspace, 2007

-Astrovian Func roasting Lazy Magnet, 2008

-T-Func at Club Avery, 2007

-T-Func at ???




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12 09 2009

The only 2012 movie direct from the source.
Filmed for 5 years exclusively in Guatemala.
Now available on DVD.


13 09 2009

The T-Func movie is going to be better

21 12 2009
Video Past « Super Cosmic Bros.

[…] Functions @ INC 2006. More information on T-Func here. Big Tampa […]

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