14 09 2009

Picture 1203

Däsi – Escape From Draconia


Däsi is a psyche art punk band from Gainesville, FL. I found out about them from my cousin who is best friends with Mike,  the experimental backbone to the group. They might be my favorite band from G-ville, as most of the stuff I hear that comes out from there (with the exception of the stuff going down at Action Research) are just 90’s punk/beard-fi rip offs that just won’t let “it” go. I actually got this CD as a present from my cousin, and I told myself I must see this artsy, cosmic embracing, pixie-like band, but unfortunately they already moved to Boston, MA shortly after this album was in my hands. When I say this band has a psyche like sound, I don’t mean it as a neo-tribal, Animal Collective/Gang Gang Dance kind of way, but moreso the sound a group of fawns, nymphs and pixies would make in the forest with flutes and Dionysian punk attitude. The lyrics kind of remind me of Siouxsie Sioux’s writing as well, very questioning and filled with imagery. They’re now known as Prince Rama of Ayodhya.


Track Listing

1. March

2. Conversation Emaciation

3. Modern Vagabond

4. Inspoken/Outspoken

5. For Max

6. Escape from Draconia

7. Lion Heart and Laughter

8. Monument

9. Metro Buelo Dodo

10. Untitled





2 responses

15 09 2009

What the fuck is beard-fi?

15 09 2009

Beard-Fidelity. If you’ve been to Gainesville within the past 8 years you would know.

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