Free Barf

17 09 2009


To conclude old gems week pt. 1, I’m posting this brutal, primordial jam called ‘Free Barf’ to download by MLU. Great for car rides. Recorded in 2007.


-MLU playing ‘Overdrive’ at Transitions Art Gallery, 2006

Also I’m looking for any early recordings from these Tampa/Sarasota bands if anyone would like to send to me @ I’ll ask for permission too from the artists for any future downloads on here. Much appreciation! I’m also soon going to be posting some great live footage from a few bands mentioned before that are on my friend’s video camera.

Dead Horse Detective Agency

Wolf Wolf

Skeleton Warrior

Byron House

Russian Tsarlag/Tsarcasm

Then and Than


Unicorn Hard-On

Insects of Summer

Fasners (or pretty much any pre Pro Bro Gold material)



One response

6 12 2009
2nd D.O.T. – M[L]U « Super Cosmic Bros.

[…] tour (spider linked from their record label’s site Stay Away From Ghosts), and songs Free Barf, Overdrive and New College have been posted on this site’s dark archive […]

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