Electronic Entities

21 09 2009


This is a show I’m setting up in Orlando in about 3 weeks. It should be pretty good! I’m excited to see my dark companion come by to electrify Florida. I’ll be borrowing a projector as well to use for backdrops to intensify things. There’s also going to be another Deeyay show in Tampa the night before that I’ll gather more details about soon. So far I believe it’ll be him, Diamond Hymen, Skeleton Warrior, and Alien Overmind.

Deeyay – “my favorite dance hits got sucked into a black hole, and this is how it sounded when it came back to me”

Dark Sea of Awareness – a rainbow in curved air for the club

Cyber-Swarm – king koopa’s got a brand new airship

Future Snakes – electric dreams

-Dark Sea of Awareness


-Future Snakes




3 responses

21 09 2009

I wish I could be there for the show…

22 09 2009

yeah man, I wish you could come out. Drink a bottle of wine for me this night

22 09 2009

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