They Gave You a Name?

22 09 2009


I recently checked out this aerial, ambient album, ‘They Gave you a Name?’ by Tampa electronic artist E.N., who was also a member of the synth punk band Yukhonic and brother of Cephia’s Treat label owner Todd. Pretty much an underground sensation that I was not aware of until after the fact, but it’s never too late to know. Recorded in 1996, around the time I was playing vast amounts of 90’s RPGs, E.N. created an album of vortexes that eliminate the sound of crowds, machinery, and even the sound of a lover’s voice in favor of a more universal sound of repetitious musings. Brian Eno would call something like this “antimusic,” though I feel that ambient and minimalist styles are much more harmonious and cerebral to the core. E.N.’s works are usually in an industrial foundation, such as in ‘You Will Be Outdated Soon,’ but I feel ‘They Gave You a Name?’ still has a dark feel to it but in the form of glooming clouds looming over Death in June. The two tracks below are my favorite from this, one stands out the most being a dance track while the other song is the sound of a beautiful, wandering soul. I wish I could’ve met him.



If you enjoy these, I highly suggests taking a further look at Cephia’s Treat’s massive download page of other E.N. works and many other experimental damaged legends of the Tampa clandestine. The catalog has plenty of cheap priced records, tapes and CDs, including this album for $5. All I’m going to say is that this isn’t any ordinary noise label.



3 responses

22 09 2009

thanks for posting this. everything i have heard by E.N. has been incredible.

22 09 2009

also, whats your email?

22 09 2009

yes, I totally agree. Amazing stuff.

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