The Spirit on the Beach

25 09 2009


I guarantee that James Hendry’s and mine’s comic, ‘Soothsayers and Stargazers,’ will not be an online comic, but I’ll be posting sketches and a couple of final panels here and there on here. He sent me some good drawings from the opening scene where Realm is waking up on a beach, watching a carrier ship of the last Earthlings flying towards space, and sees a spirit figure forming along the beach shore that’s walking towards her. I’m really excited that James is drawing this story for me and we hope to have the 1st two chapters in one issue done by Christmas break. We then will have a comic release dance party night with Skeleton Warrior potentially DJ-ing some minimal synth wave for it! More on that when the time comes. Anyways, here’s some pics:





-all drawings by James Hendry




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