28 09 2009

-Ant Parade playing ‘Despite Everything I Know’ at WMNF’s event at Cafe Hey, Tampa FL

Concert update

Ant parade will now be playing at the Orlando show on October 9th. A lot of people here (Orlando-speaking) really liked her when she came here for a show I set up last April with Uh-Oh Spades and Diamond Man, so they’re in for a majestic treat for sure. Unfortunately, some bad news happened to my buddy Jacob in Nashville so there’s a big chance he might not be coming down to play. I decided not to change the flier for a third time just in case things change (which I hope), and I don’t think the show in Tampa is happening now but I’m not 100% about that either. Well whoever is reading this and would be down to ride over here with Brigid or anyone else that’s coming from Tampa that would also like to play, please let me know (sfuxan@gmail.com) because there’s an open slot. I’ll be collecting donations from people too for gas.

Keep your best friends in your hearts, model yourself through the people and values you respect, and don’t let the external forces of life get you down. If it doesn’t affect your well being, it won’t stop you from doing what you want to do and damage the course of the life you want. As Stuart said after the show I went to the other night, “We all live within a brief lifetime, and if you aren’t doing and creating what you want to, you aren’t living.”

*updated flier*




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14 11 2009
Visualize The Prize « Super Cosmic Bros.

[…] a request over a month ago to post a download file for the videos I arranged and projected on the October 9th electronic show. These videos were mostly played between sets to kill silence and fill the room […]

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