John Bender, Electronic Guru

30 09 2009

(D/L link updated 11/11/09)


John Bender – I Don’t Remember Now

I thought about doing something consistently on the last day of every month where I’ll end the months-worth of downloads of friends’ and associated work with an album I feel has impacted me in some way or has similar approaches to the sounds and productions of DIY culture today. Of course I don’t want this blog to be filled with exploding new art sounds that I never got to experience firsthand or has no relations to Florida’s translucent music scene of now, so only albums I greatly want to share will be shared. John Bender, a minimal electronic dude from a small mysterious label called Record Sluts will be the 1st post of this.

I found ‘I Don’t Remember Now’ from this site and was overblown by the obscurity of this guy who makes some of the weirdest, most mutated electronic sounds I’ve ever heard. Well, maybe not as weird to today’s standards, but it still has a futuristic sounding quality to it. I found that a lot of electronic artists when they are working by themselves produce some sort of music of a new alien world where the constructions and meanings of the planet are only familiar to them since they can’t find anything familiar here. Klaus Shulze, John Foxx, Aphex Twin, etc. This just so happens to be more unfamiliar sounding because of its low-key qualities, simplistic layers and darkly mild mattered tones. John Bender doesn’t care if his music is lost in space; he just wanted to do music. And I happen to like the music he wanted to do.


Plasters Falling, 1981


Pop Surgery, 1982

‘Plasters Falling’ is his second album, and it was covered in plastic wrap that you had to cut through to get the album. Pop Surgery was his last and probably my favorite, although my favorite John Bender song is 33A1 from ‘I Don’t Remember Now.’ It was the first song that I heard by him when one of my best buddies Fuji told me to stop talking and lay down to listen to this epic 10 minute composition after a pretty weird night of drinking. It was radiating. It cleared my mind and I had to hear more.


More info on John Bender

If you like this check out the Tribute to Flexi-pop comps of minimal synth-wave here




2 responses

10 12 2009

hey guy
my name is carrie, i uploaded that one video you posted here with some space footage synchronized to john bender’s music
i dont think that’s too weird in and of itself, but i also know this fuji you’re talking about, i met him last week when i went down to new college to play a show & i saw his band!!
weird huh?!?!?!? i might even know you, whoever you are!
bender rules!!!

10 12 2009

haha omg that is really weird and really cool. I’m Scott… not sure if you met me but I’m there sometimes to hang with the Feej. Maybe you got him into Bender of vice versa? Anyways nice vid! I love it! We should work on another John Bender video.

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