Edwin’s Wind

1 10 2009

wrestlers delight

-wrestlers’ delight, by Edwin Martinez

I wanted to start briefly talking about these links to the right>>>>>>> of here that I might have not gone over previously. They’re there for a reason and I enjoy what each of them are doing. One site I’d like to specify the link to is my buddy Edwin’s art, who’ve I’ve known since my high-school years and seen around the art classes doing some of the best work I feel was going on at my school at the time (or ever!?). His art from what I remembered back then was like grotesque surrealism, where bodies would expand and mutate into bio realms and angels were nothing more than shattered, ugly spirits. Totally into it at the time and still, and his art has even broaden out even more, keeping dreamlike, strange qualities but has found some lightness here and there, because not all dream-states are nightmares. It makes me want to give Illustrator and Photo Shop another chance because of its ability to enhance hand drawn sketches into professional looking wonders. It’s refreshing to know there are people still doing their own thing while everyone’s jumping onto this retarded ‘movement’ called lowbrow which I think is just ugly motorcycle/tattoo art. Pop surrealism? Come on, that sounds retarded.

Anyways just take a look at his work yourself; here are some of my favorite and if you enjoy these definitely give his site a look. He even does art for children! Also I turned in a couple drawings I’ve done into his zine which is overall looking really good, more details on that later!


-image of some of Edwin’s comic book character creations




fear 1


natural alien

-natural alien

melt banana

-melt banana




3 responses

1 10 2009

The worlds that Edwin brings to life seriously rival and challenge the beauty and wonders of the one we live in. On the other hand, maybe it’s no contest. By pursuing his individually internal visions rather than producing more pre-packaged product, and sharing the sights he sees along the way, he’s generously letting us all tag along. I just want to see more. Many thanks.

1 10 2009

Well said! That sounds like a true artist in my book.

2 10 2009

Started looking through his blog site a couple years back.
The man’s work is wicked.

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