Transylvania Warrior Damage

4 10 2009


-Kipp from Skeleton Warrior from a phase I wasn’t aware of

So I noticed pretty recently as of a month ago that a lot of people have been searching ‘Skeleton Warrior noise’ and came across this site according to stats. Maybe because they just finished their most recent tour and gave themselves a good name across the country? I’d bet my minimal synth record collection on it. So, I think I’ll do something nice today and give people what they want. Or at least help them get what they want.

This particular download isn’t a full Skeleton Warrior release (more on that later), but it does feature two long live songs by them when they favored playing harsh, cave roaring sounds instead of their brand of awkward electronica of today. The beginning tracks of this tour cdr are by Mr. Transylvania, a man with a heart and a mind, a voice and a vice, and tracks 7-12 are from What’s Yr Damage?, during a time when they dropped their post-punk noise sound for very primal, repetitious tribalism. Looking to sign an ethnic world band, look no further.

Download spider webbed from Swamp Touch, which is full of more great noise downloads.

Didn’t pick up that Skeleton Warrior record on tour? Check out Cephia’s Treat or Roofless to order.



-Mr. Transylvania performing at Stardust, Orlando Fl


-Whats Yr Damage?




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