Haunted FoooOooood

5 10 2009

I think I’m going to make October Orlando month, to continue off from the last post of three Orlando bands (Whats Yr Damage? and Skeleton Warrior were Orlando based around the time of that tour… I think…). I’m figuring out what kind of DIY punk shows occurred here before I moved, what’s going on now, and a possible future outlook? More guerrilla styled shows? It’s possible, but only with joint ambition. Anyways the video above is a band Chris Shields (Deltona Wolves, Imagine Your Wife in This, Mr. Transylvania, Spirit Bomb) and Jill Shea (Triscults, Imagine Yr Life in This) are now involved in. I caught their 1st two live shows and loved their combined energy! Oh, and they might be filling in for Deeyay on the 9th, not exactly a dance replacement but they’ll definitely get the party started.




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