Things I’ve Picked Up Recently

6 10 2009


I really need to get a camera.

Haves and Thirds – You Told me You Were Combing Your Hair CDR 2004

12 smooth as silk tracks recorded live throughout various outside locations in Tampa and shows out of town in 2003 and 2004. Released by Kinky Noise which is run by Russian Tsarlag. I’ve heard a couple of these tracks during night car rides with Jacob sometime long ago and I was just thrilled to see that Todd still had a few of these left. Really adds a footnote to Tampa’s creative, breathing experimental scene. Some mysterious hair included.

S2K – Head Cleaner cassette 2009

Whoa, this one came packed with a huge metaphysical punch. Given to me by Stuart during my last Tampa visit for a show, I listened to this shortly after during a night of no sleep and on my way to school to turn in an assignment at the early hours of morning. Physical setting aside, this tape is a journey one must be prepared for, even if one would not know where they’ll end up by the end of it. There were times I felt I was listening to early experimental recordings of Crash Course In Science while moments after I felt I was listening to the sound of my own mind being wiped out (as the title suggests) and tuning into the frequency of the industrialization and rapid moving waves of the environment around me. After the chaotic channels, side B ends with a brief yet beautiful sound of returning back down to ground with a new sense of awareness. I enjoy the effects my senses receive from listening to avant garde electronic pieces like S2K’s tape and watching experimental, glitch distorted film because it opens up a wide range of possibilities that your mind might of not been aware of before due to everyday comfortable, concrete forms that our head is oh so use to, but, why?

Skeleton Warrior/Preux Breux Geauxld split 7″

2009, why are you so good to me? I think everyone has got the picture by now that dance music has sometimes crossed paths with prog, punk or even no wave in the past and has created some of the best of both worlds in these cases. Although some may do this to be more accessible to a crowd that’ll forget their name, I think others like these dudes do it because they truly enjoy the party life to it’s very strobe light flickering essence, and they do it WELL. Skeleton Warrior’s ‘Married To Drano’ is a drug induced, synesthesian blend of house music and some long lost synth pop. I heard this song a few times over the summer during their Florida tour and hearing it crafted onto vinyl really hit things off, and the dance party didn’t stop there quite yet. Preux Breux Geauxld’s ‘Electric Fingertips’ continues the beat with a song I feel is pure Pro Bro Gold at his finest; polish vocals, heavy synths, and BPM that would make any Chicago house head go nuts. Next on the playlist of dance releases will be Deeyay’s 7″ and 2 Diamond Hymen albums.

Muramasa: The Demon Blade, for the Nintendo Wii

I like my video games like I like my music; a little retro yet highly unique, stylistically stunning and beautifully crafted in its every bit. I don’t buy too many new games these days, but when a game like Muramasa is about to come out, I stare at every video preview and screen shot just because I’m happy to see a 2009 game that uses Shinobi and RPG mechanics AND is in a brilliant 2.5 perspective, rather than what most game companies are striving towards with 3-D realism. If I’m playing a game, I want it to feel anything but real, but that’s just me. This game is just great, and makes me want to look into Japanese mythology a bit further.

::::::Cephia’s Treat:::::::Roofless Records:::::::




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