Take a Breath, Enjoy the Scenery

10 10 2009

thanks to everyone that came out to the show last night and help make it happen. I sometimes feel like I’m not the right kind of person to be running a show, but when everything starts coming together slowly it makes the whole evening a lot better and worth the work. Brigid (Ant Parade) played two new songs that were really great to hear, kind of an ambient dance marriage, Dark Sea of Awareness performed with a companion that together combined two celestial arsenals that formed a big bang sound of creation and destruction, and Future Snakes’ set was body shaking and laser zapping along with intense Space Harrier footage. I won’t be doing any shows until January for a possible Outmode visit. Anyways, I have a couple downloads on hold that I’ll post real soon, and in the meantime here’s some really enlightening photos my friend Alex Gaesser took in Bangkok, Thailand.









all photos by Alex Gaesser

-a video that Edwin shared that I really liked




2 responses

14 10 2009

This is a comment, not a complaint. I love the fotos attached to this post but the one that’s upside down seriously has a disturbing effect on me. Funny thing is that I’m usually into things that aren’t like they should be. Gotta pass along my thanks to you and everyone else that came out for this show, I had a fantastic time. Love.

15 10 2009

Oh man, haha, I’ll try to make sure no other temple or tower is left upside down. I’m really glad you and Brigid came out and especially that you had a great time! I’m going to be out of town to go on a cruise to Mexico for my friend’s sister’s wedding, otherwise I’d be in Tampa for P.H.O.N.Y. 25 and the kick ass show here in Orlando on saturday. Keep keeping it real Stoo! Love, -S

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