Keep Imagining

12 10 2009

Ok ok, back on track. Here’s the next download I wanted to share with the computational universe:

Picture 1206




(this one needs to be right clicked and saved)

A little back history: Orlando, to me, since I’ve lived here, has always seemed like a transportational passage way where a lot of people, both youth and adult, come and go, never making this traffic filled, nature destroyed area a place to call home. It’s a place where people come for opportunity, but somehow there’s tons of distractions, night clubs, keg parties, and trend inducements everywhere just waiting to stop you in your creative, self-improving tracks. Luckily, there’s a backlash of a weird, energetic, positive spell force going on here that even though a lot of previous bands have left and gone different paths, have left their mark here that has continued to effect the young and exploding. With quick band existences in mind, Imagine Your Wife In This is a great example of a brief yet impacting band that left UCF students confused about their career, caused Stardust hipsteroids spill their coffee on themselves, and get a fucking party started at Uncle Lou’s (I’ve been trying to get this kind of intensity that they create at their shows for awhile!).

Anyways, about the tape release, it’s simply great. It’s quite different than the dark, no wave tinge of Tampa or the astral party feel of Sarasota (although I think Tyger Beat and IYWIT would’ve made a great touring pair), but it represents what good possibilities there are when like-minded people come together and create something instead of sit around and complain about how society is turning into a shithole of flies. It’s like a witch brew of post punk, The Shaggs, Deerhoof and the energy of an autistic chipmunk (well, when you listen to the tape speed fast…!). I always think of them when I listen to the “giddy sharpness” art punk band Ludus too. It’s an advancing towards the weird kind of backlash that I enjoy and hope you do too.

Nick Briz is now in Chicago doing amazing glitch video art, Jill Shea is still involved with performance art duo Triscults, Chris Shields is still the one and only Mr. Transylvania, and Stephen Silber plays with me in our project Cyber-Swarm.




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