The World’s A Mess (It’s in my Glitch)

13 10 2009


-photo from Aaron Zarzutzki

Technology: love it and hate it. Cellphones constantly buzzing, brainwashing TV, the annoying aspects of social networking, even the thumb tapping of a texter by me in a class can really numb my mind. Yet the future to some look promising, but I don’t know sometimes, I think a lot of people are letting computers, ads, the media and radio make everyday decisions for them. People are becoming more of a herd than they already are, and it’s getting harder for some to realize that.

Luckily there are people that know the traps within the information age that learn to embrace the better aspects of it while distorting what’s presented in a neo-Dadaist kind of way (ex “If this means something than why not this?”). Instead of dropping off a signed, upside down urinal into an art show, glitch makers manipulate the “reality” around them through a variety of technological methods and often times come across coding that is more enticing than the outside image. I would even consider the music hip hoppers, disc jockeys, anything with loops and most of the music off labels like Warp Records to be a musical companion to finding faults and breaks within things and create something new from it henceforth. But that’s a whole other thing to talk about.

Nick Briz, as I mentioned before in the previous post, is highly into the glitch medium where anything goes, and it goes pretty deep down a digital spiral of broken down code. There’s a lot more to it than just mere free form mistake; I think glitch artists know what they’re doing, and it certainly isn’t getting a job to be an animator drone for the next [insert random cute funny animal] CGI disney film. Enough ranting, but if you wish to read a better description of all things glitch, check out Nick’s own writing, and here’s some of his clips!

-From the Ground Up In Order, Embrace

-Binary Quotes



3 responses

13 10 2009

Is it supposed to hurt?

13 10 2009

haha no. But it could to some. idk, that’s like saying if ‘The Mona Lisa’ is supposed to be beautiful

30 12 2009
Johan Larsby

I made a little program that does this on jpegs

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