La Bamba

20 10 2009

We’re back. New layout. New insight. Cool? Cool. I’ll catch back up with many updates as soon as I’m not sea sick anymore, so for now you should check out Nathan Vasquez’s OFFENSIVE BLOGGING. Also music download page section in the works (PS what is everyone’s preferred site for file sharing that won’t have their files erased within a month?)



4 responses

20 10 2009

Ah, drunken nights in Mexico. The new layout is nice.

20 10 2009

Oh yeah, and zSHARE usually works the best for me.

20 10 2009

Yeah dude, I’ll tell you all about it. ZSHARE I don’t like because of the ads and if no one downloads a file within a month it gets erased. I think making a download page will help that problem but still, it’s annoying.

21 10 2009

mediafire dawg

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