A Fiendly Reminder

21 10 2009

Today I told my existentialism teacher and class that Florida sucks, and before I could explain why, half the class was walking out turning on their cell phones. Funny how it works that way.


When there’s a show like this going on in your own town, do it. Don’t worry; your favorite bar and hang out spots aren’t going to fly far away this weekend. Here you go Tampa:

J. Zagers – formally known as Rock Banned, J. Zagers is back from a tour with Lazy Magnet. When I saw him play at Bloodfest it was a pretty down beat, saxophone wailing artsy set. It could very well be different too, you know how solo artists can be.

S2K – inspiring experimentalism; let yourself be a master of your surroundings

Ant Parade – the set she played last in Orlando had me in a ghost dance trance on the cold rings of Saturn

Skeleton Warrior – if you don’t know these dudes by now you need to call up Dr. Frankenstein for a REAL revival now



Other news: The show in Orlando last Sunday I heard was amazing. I wish I could have been in town for it. Lesson Lesson Lesson Relearn (West Palm), Slavescene, Neon Blud (both from Tampa), and local act Mr. Transylvania played at Stardust. Here’s a review of the show from my buddy Stephen: “Why weren’t you fucking there?”

I’ll be wrapping up the rest of October with a couple more Orlando band downloads and abouts. Paz Amigos.



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11 11 2009

florida rules.

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