Shine my path in your darkness

22 10 2009


-Moon Climb the Wall

One of the 1st posts I posted on this blog was about an Orlando show I went to that featured a few acts returning back to the town of their own music crafting roots. Of course me being a newbie I didn’t catch this at the time, but it was great to see a show like this that represented a certain scene that was once here that flourished at a time not too long ago, not that there isn’t still a force going on here. But I feel that when there’s this kind of kinship between bands and people that success of progressing sounds are undeniable. The bands that played that I truly enjoyed were Blood Lake, Necros of the Gods, Gem of Skin, and Moon Climb the Wall.

I’ll keep the rest of the info as a remain of another moment of time, but I did want to talk about Moon Climb the Wall though. Once again, a former east coast resident that moved along it north, MCTW is doing his mashed up witch crafting now in Salem, MA. I try catching some of his live DJ sets online too, which reflect pretty well with his altered states meets Deep Bass Fine hip-hop sound. The download here is his Spring Mix, 12 tracks in all, which was recorded shortly before his new brand of beats as this is more haunting bad trip music that takes you to other places I wouldn’t dare want to be in after a setting sun. I don’t know what you’ve heard, but witch doctors still exist to this day, don’t try to deny it. Track 8 rules, and whoever digs this I’ll let you know when this dude comes back for another return to the nest.


-video by Orlaphant




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