Weird Invasion: the art of Brian Esser

25 10 2009


-collab piece by Brian Esser and Jason Temple

Brian Esser, 1/2 of the electronic brain Orlando outfit Yip-Yip, knows weird. He sees it, breathes it, hears it and makes it. I’ve always been fond of the Yip-Yip sound and their performances ever since the 1st time I saw them in ’04, but the bizarre-scapes don’t stop there. The collected sketchbook drawings below from Esser (not Escher) I view is part of the Yip-Yip ectoplasm stream that fall into the physical form and demonstrate just how much more fun it is to draw towards the physical from the unconscious, wild mind rather than having an art teacher loom over to mind control you to draw a realistic bowl of fruit for eternity. I’m sorry, but that’s what fucking photographs are fucking for. I’ll take fantastic planet over this planet any day.

Luckily there are people that do what they feel natural (and cooler) for them to do. Even if it’s a feeling they received from another world. And it’s always nice to see people convert that into music and art. So, here’s some modern bizarre abstract geometric mutant alien drawings from Brian!



q (12)

q (1)

q (4)

q (14)

q (15)

q (17)

q (2)


q (10)


q (7)




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