Mind, Body and Soul Music

26 10 2009

Picture 105 small

Alien Overmind

Shrine of Infinity

SAFG, 2008

Everything has a start. Big bangs, planet life, declared wars, etc. What happened before each that caused such an event, who knows. But one thing’s for sure, is that there comes a time when one, such as myself, feels influenced by the surrounding environment and feels a pulse to put everything in a better, more enjoyable perspective, even if it channels the negative. When it comes down to it, I really just wanted to start doing music because my friends in both personal and artistic ways have inspired me to create something of my own, and although this is badly recorded and over the place, I’m glad to at least start and I’ll like to get back and continue where I left off: floating in a dark crystallized chasm in space, hoping to channel in with the electronic rift again.

Things I’ve heard about SOI:

from Jacob: “cold robot space funk,” Sean: “have you been listening to a lot of Kites lately?,” my cousin: “a raw and kinetic visual path of fuzzy bass lines and hip shaking beats” and “do you know how to record?”


Track Listing

1. Professor Introductory

2. In the Tides of Time, You’ll Find the Defender of the Future

3. They See You, They Know You, and They Want to Control You

4. Lost Forest Kids

5. It’s Waking Up

6. Crab Rangoon

7. Ultra Space Voyage to Ultra Space Club

8. Brainwashed Esper

9. Towards Within

10. Squid Oracle

11. Edge of Forever

12. Distant Hearts

13. Living Drawings

14. Back Down to Ground

15. Levitating Carpet Foam

special thanks to: Sean Halpin, Uh-Oh Spades, Alex G, Tom, Fuji, Maya, Keytin, Wally, Ant Parade, Skeleton Warrior, Pro Bro Gold, Haves and Thirds, Josh P, Lazy Magnet, The Nobles, Yip-Yip, Evan, My brother and sister




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