A Dose of Pan/Dos

29 10 2009



2 more days left of Orlando month! Oh no! Well I couldn’t leave out the glistening glitch/visual artist Pan/Dos that puts on  beautiful minimalistic loops on stacked TV’s that bring to mind the visual arts of Nam June Paik. I saw him (and at the time with a friend) put on a dazzling ocular trip at a show in Tampa with Yip-Yip and Uh-Oh Spades in ’06. The music itself is spacey, kind of glitch ambient with bits of hip hop and twinkling electro added for post modern head-trips, but I was mostly blown away by the performance itself of the mixed mediums of VHS tape, dvd (?) and the visual navigation the screens took you to that brought you straight into tranquil scenes of oceans, train rides, moving clouds, and futuristic movements that only a motorik Neu! record could take you to with sound alone.

Pan/Dos doesn’t do these A/V shows too often anymore, but whenever there’s a chance to catch him play with or without his installation, it’s always really floaty and even dancey at times, and I feel he’s one of the most innovative Orlando artist around today. Get lost in the loop!




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