Orlando Month Wrap Up

30 10 2009

*WARNING* long post

I saw Japanther, one of my late highschool/early college favorites last night, and well, it was ok. I mean, they’re really good at what they do, they appeal strongly to the energetic youth as I can say from personal experience, and mix up hip hop samples and beats with raw punk sounds, but every song from the intro to outro start sounding the same and it doesn’t help much either that a lot of bands are completely ripping off their sound these days. BUT, I will say though it was really heartening to hear that they remembered and gave a shout out to playing with Yukhonic, What’s Yr Damage? and Hepatitis Youth back in Orlando in ’04.


-Jill from the Triscults

Well, this is the end. This is my last chance to make Orlando sound rad. Hopefully you will feel that Orlando was cool/is cool/or will be cool again by the end of this post!

-Triscults at Quarterly Noise

Performance art is something that either scares the bejesus out of me or still scares the bejesus out of me but leaves me with a better sense of what you can really do when it comes to “entertainment.” Creativity for shows doesn’t have to rely on music alone, as I mentioned already after seeing my first Bloodfest. Then and Than, FUN, SHV, and Russian Tsarlag are great examples of performers that go beyond. In Orlando, there’s easy listening crooner gone insane, Mr. Transylvania (with accompanying possessed dance moves), the karaoke gone to hell act Pandora’s Talk Box, and dance trope Triscults.

-Mr. Transylvania giving some thank yous

I had my 1st dose of this performance collective when I came to Greg’s (of What’s Yr Damage?) Quarterly Noise Report about a year ago. I heard that the famous Mr. Transylvania (who has a very interesting Stardust performance story!) was there and I was super shocked by his intense antics and fast paced lyricism. I’m glad to hear that he plays locally in Orlando often and after getting to know him learned that Mr. Transylvania actually does have a warm heart inside. It’s usually other people and the environment around that fucks things up for us.

-animation reel footage from Lindsay Denningberg (Pandora’s Talk box)

This same evening I got to see Pandora’s Talk Box, who I met at the UCF library prior but had no clue that she puts on such a deranged pop performance. She’s accompanied by her ‘talk box’ which displays cut up silent film/horror footage along with lyrics that will make your eyes bleed. Demonic love torch songs. Also, Lindsay is brilliant at stop-motion animation and gore, so although she lives in NYC right now, if you’d like her to collaborate on a music video she’d most likely be down to do so!

The Triscults actually didn’t play this night, but I did see them for the first time at the ‘Rockcamp for Girls’ benefit show that they set up and had Alien Overmind, CrAow, Mr. Transylvania and other dudes dressed in drag in order to be able to play the show. Their sets of dance moves to loud pumping music always gets the crowd pumped up for the rest of the night that they took time to get together. My favorite shining Triscults moments are usually when they play a no wave/noise rock song that I had no clue you could actually move gracefully to.

I’m glad that I met Brittany from The Triscults at a Skeleton Warrior show at Stardust because it opened me to a whole new scene of overall positiveness and more favorably dashes of weirdness. I was sort of discouraged by the show because of the folk pop openers that pretty much left during Skeleton Warrior’s demonic Devo sounding set, and I felt that that was it. Luckily there’s always a pushed away ‘mess’ in every corner, and that’s what I’m drawn towards. Now is the time for that plasma puddle to flood through these soccer mom shopping plazas and give Orlando an artistic driven name to it once again. And I hope the same goes for Tampa and the rest of Florida, I really do!

Bands I didn’t get a chance to mention or find material for:

Dark Sea of Awareness (minimal electronic glazing)

Sloweater (does whatever the fuck he wants)

Living Janitors (they played at the Post Punk Pool Party event; two dudes at the controls of progressive vehicles)

Cop Church (2 record store geeks melding the sounds of their passions)

things Philihp Mc Combs does (1/2 of Necros of the Gods, a master of manipulation, sampling, and hip hop drumming)

Deltona Wolves (Chris Shields’ of Mr. Transylvania’s former band, that I actually have no clue about but is releasing a post band break up tape)

Damage (old Orlando synth punk band that Todd told me about)

1991 (a young hardcore structured punk band that, give it less than 3 years, will make some of the best noise-rock heard around here in awhile)

Rape Revenge Fantasy Camp (members of Spirit Bomb that brought the noise to Orlando for a brief period)

Secret Weapon (the best DJ here that operates Park Ave records by day and transformed space disco club connoisseur by night)

What’s Yr Damage? (this was the sound I wasn’t able to have a car to drive 2 hours to back in ’03-’04, a lot of their downloads and current works can be found at west palm beotch)

Other things worth mentioning for visiting sakes:

Vinyl Richie’s Wiggly World of Recordslooking for a place that will actually have that D.N.A. record you were looking for, along with brand new bands you’ve never heard of in the same vein? This is the place to visit, and cheap prices too. Article by Wally.

Etoile Boutiqueright by Vinyl Richie’s; a consignment/independent clothing store that has some cool screen-printed shirts and a good place to bring your girlfriend/yourself to for dresses and mystical jewelry.

Bold Hype – modern punk/psychedelic/street art gallery that I enjoy visiting for openings. My friend Wally wrote an article about them too.

Stardust – coffee shop that Greg of What’s Yr Damage runs that is often hipped out but there’s been some good shows there often

Uncle Lou’s – I really hate bars and redneck drunks, but this seems to be the easiest place to set up shows at the time that people will actually come out to. This is because places like Black Box Collective (which is a great open venue/warehouse) won’t allow experimental shows.

Why am I posting this, you ask? Because I don’t want people to think Orlando is nothing but a neo-retro hippy haven, punk revival for the sake of easiness, Neutral Milk Hotel-covering nightmare. It’s mostly that, yes, but I want to see more of a weirdoid apocalypse to rise over here that will make shows and events more exciting and anything but expectable.  What’s Yr Damage? may be gone physically from the area but they aren’t gone in spirit. I want to see a show that will have the same colorful mind blowing intensity I get from playing a flashy Capcom video game. So, until then, I’ll be here doing just that.




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31 10 2009

Orlando has always been cool.

31 10 2009

not since you left, and everyone and their mother.

1 11 2009

Another good read. Thank you.

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