Darkness Before Dawn

1 11 2009


-Then and Than

Thanks to everyone that came over to Skeleton Warrior’s haunted house show last night. I had a great time. Not everyone got to play, I almost lost my vision for good (shattered glasses that somehow formed back together by the time I needed to drive home), but the night was still pretty haunting AND I signed my soul to the devil for every rare synth punk record and a Gundam. Staircases of doom, touchy walls, weird pop tunes and a minimal doom band, Gringos de Zapatos, that was clown-synth fronted, wraith drumming, violin shrieking, and frantic as fuck. It was super awesome to see Deeyay play again back home too, with some brand new beats and new intentions. There’s no theme this month other than “other.” So beware for just about any other thing.





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