Dungeon of Relics -or- Some Recently Obtained Power Through Blackouts

4 11 2009


I woke up into a shroud of darkness. I had not one clue how long I’ve been dormant, where I was, or how I came here. A sound of droplets could be heard from a distance, and judging from the echos they gave off against walls I could assume that I was in a vast hallway. I could barely stand up, cold and naked, and as I started blindfully walk through god knows what, I tried recollecting thoughts of a reason to everything and its causes.

I trailed my hands along a freezing stone wall, walking into puddles pretty frequently and shards of broken glass. I begin to lose hope of walking down this corridor, as the pain of curiosity was too unbearable. I sat down against the wall, closed my eyes since there was nothing to even see, and realized hopelessness was the only easy way out.

The water from the puddle that my feet were in stung at my bleeding pores, and I sat there like this for days. Then, suddenly, the water felt differently, it smelt like liquid flesh and I reached my hands out into it and through it. It was there that I pulled out a rectangular shaped object that I knew wasn’t there before. I took it because it was the only fascinating clue I had and then I had to find a light. I bathed my hands in the liquid of my own blood and continued walking down the dark hallway until I found a room. I crawled around and spread my arms around until I felt another unknown object. I wiped my bloody hands over it hoping for another mystical occurrence, and to my amazement the object glowed and it shined through every crevice and plane in the room. I then immediately looked at the mysterious entity that formed from earlier and it seemed to be some supernatural cassette tape. It looked like this:


BLOOD! 2 compilation off Stay Away From Ghosts, 2009

I opened it and saw that it had a written account of various names that must of contributed to the making of this musical relic. The names listed were in order: Alien Overmind, CrAow, Uh-Oh Spades, Russian Tsarlag, Deluxin, Haves and Thirds, Outmode, Lazy Magnet, and Lesson Lesson Lessen Relearn. After reading a warning on the tape that read Stay Away From Ghosts, a disembodied voice called out straight into my consciousness and said, “This is an account from a long gone age that was magically induced by solo artists that chose the path of personal conquests that, although created from separate forces, came together with the minds that neither stood in the blind light or accepted the fate of darkness. The intentions of these music making mages isn’t to resurrect some sort of old long gone art or fantastical beast into a never ending cycle of creation and destruction, but rather to take the risks of practicing new styles that no dusty old spellbook has ever taught before. Convention is the real curse, and lacks individual experience.”

Shining the Holy Ark

I immediately wanted to hear these lost sounds, but I knew that something else was out there. I noticed there was a dead body in this room that never made it out alive, and before I could walk out I heard a bone rattling-in-armor sound which gave me more of a chill than I’ve felt being naked in the freezing dungeon water. The body became an undead Skeleton Warrior (circa 2004) that made some shrilling noise just waiting to ensnare me in deathly fear. Instead of fighting it off, I stood there with confidence, and said that I actually enjoyed the sounds it was making. It felt flattered and it thanked me for healing its cursed soul by giving me its armor courtesy of Roofless Records, an ancient foundation.

-Skeleton Warrior footage in 2008 from Ted Records

With this support I was able to reach new levels and it wasn’t too long after I realized that this armor gave me powers whereever I walked and even literally opened a gateway out of the roof of these sickening, stagnant dungeon walls. I climbed above into a new, cleared land, where objects were off in great distances. “Where do I go now?” I said to myself. I stood there intaking the fresh air, and once again heard a voice call to me, and it said “The path you choose is for you and you alone, and you can go about it when you’re ready but if you must need guidance, this tape shall be the expressway towards your real form.”


-Deeyay – GUTS/GOLD, 2009

This tape, a destiny geared to a final fantasy to end all fantasies, is by experimental dance musician magician Deeyay. A seal encloses the package, in which one has to choose whether or not they’re ready to break away from the familiar ground that they once kissed and pissed on. This release calls upon a road of new heights while never forgetting the best parts of this individual’s music making past, known as the art of Uh-Oh Spades. Wisps from far away space beings, melodies floating through a wormhole and arriving back as evolved forms, and spellbounding house segments. I highly recommend some to experience this attunement.

I continued to walk through this electronic desert through its many hard pounding waves and settling chilled nights after, and I got stuck on my journey when I found a strategy based fantasy game, Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. I see myself spending many hours trying to beat another digital quest while in the distant future will review these albums further and more. All I can say then basically is….. keep an eye out for these releases before they become ancient relics!





2 responses

4 11 2009

you make my blog look like shit (it’s obvious that it’s not that hard). oops you weren’t looking for a pat on the back! but there it is!

4 11 2009

haha, thanks Nathan. Every blog has its feel, ya know? I can guarantee I’ll listen to some nice tunes that I either also already radically enjoy or discover something I’ve never heard before like R. Stevie Moore.

I’m posting a Deluxin post tomorrow for the B/W album. Anything you’d like to say about the recording process/moment of time about it?

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