Deluxin’ – Black/White

5 11 2009





Fellow video-gamer and hang-out connoisseur Nathan Vasquez with dude duo Max Peebles and John Eatherly have perfected the sound of the most excellent vibe. These angular guitar riffs and sporadic drumming are shimmering with simplicity, added by Nathan’s lyricism that are pretty much straight to the point that will remind you to just shut the fuck up and order a pizza. The world needs less whining, more partying, ya know? And…well… maybe a rad lover to listen to favorite records with.

I first heard Black/White at my buddy Sean’s house. He popped on a record, asked me ‘Hey do you know Be Your Own Pet?’ and I told him I really dug the record and its feel and from that point on I had to hear more. The main force behind Deluxin’ is Nathan, who got his first kick writing songs and playing guitar with Be Your Own Pet, who started young and mutually broke up going separate ways but kept rocking. When constant hype, tours and interviewers started to fade back into the glamor world, Nathan as Deluxin’ was able to once again play at smaller venues, play with friends’ bands that didn’t have to sound alike, and overall just have fun kicking off to a new start. The garage rock meets discordance sound from BYOP I feel has carried onto this album, but there’s something really special on B/W. It is a punk, crazy, poppy, weird, and abrasive sound that clashes very well together, and I can’t imagine how fun a live Deluxin’ show and after party would be. For now, this record will keep me dreaming!


What Nathan said about B/W: “Max Peebles played bass and John Eatherly was on drums. They now both play with Jemina’s (singer of BYOP) band and are making money for their hardwork and touring dedication. I am very proud of both of them as young humble dudes and I had the honor of sharing a collaborative musical adolescence with.”

If you enjoy this you can find more Deluxin’ downloads on Nathan’s Offensive Blogging. I’ll post these other releases later too over the month!


-both photos by Krisan




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28 04 2011
Arython Reed

Dude awesome short shorts.

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