Nows and Soon To Bees

7 11 2009

Just posting some updated information. As you can see the layout changed again BUT there’s a few things that need to be fixed. So just bear with the squished photos/content and be on the lookout for added content to the Downloads section. You’ll be able to find plenty of MLU, Uh-Oh Spades, and more downloads from earlier posts that way a lot easier and I will update the links.

Now Out:

Soothsayers and Stargazers

Issue One: Drifting with the Eyes of a Ghost


I’d like to thank James Hendry very much for helping me start making things happen and be my artist for my sci-fi/fantasy comic. I haven’t received much feedback about it, but I hope by the time we get issue 2 done that more people will be more interested in it. As much as I’d like to give them away for free, we are trying to get money for it, $2 each, in order to use any profit to make new batches. So hit me up if you’d like next time I play a show around or whatever. Space exploration, virtual simulations of long gone races, dead planets, ruins, companionship, seeking knowledge and seeking a universal cure to stabilizing everlasting, evolving life.

Also on a side note, I’m not accepted into the UCF art program of any kind, so I’m going to go the entrepreneurship route and see how to start my own business. My dream is to have my own independent video game design company that works on smaller projects (basically downloadable games for cheaper prices on the newer generation systems)  that are simple, stylistic, and featuring some of the music created by my friends and interests around me. Any takers!?!?

Upcoming Releases:

Cyber-Swarm – Astral Dojo c20, Fall 2009

Stephen and I have taken a show break so that we can finally start recording for our 1st release which will be on cassette tape. Judging by our songs so far, it should come off as an electronic sounding something like a mix between Orlando optimism with Tampa darkness. Really we’ll just see how it turns out!

Alien Overmind split w/Future Cop – Altered Streets c20, Fall 2009

Future Cop is Andy from Sarasota who actually I have no clue what his music sounds like. Scary? Well if it’s anything like Nasa or Globular, his previous experimental soundscape projects, it should come off as something spacey and ‘out there.’ AO tracks are almost done, with a voyage like approach of visitations on other worlds and leaving everything you’ve ever felt familiar with for good.

Soothsayers and Stargazers, Issue 2: Dead Cities, Living Ruins Winter 2009

Storyboard sketches already completed, just need to get together for some sleepless nights again with James and get this baby rolling. In this issue, Realm and her spaceship companion arrive on a planet where the next virtual reality-simulating relic (built by a mysterious race) can be found. There she finds the planet to be desolate but full of clues of a dead culture and the cause to their demise. “Is there anybody out there?”

Alien Overmind – The Nullifiers cdr, Spring 2010

This will be the 2nd AO album, as everything prior has just been splits and comp contribution. Influenced by the uninfluential, and really all I have planned out for a new album is to collaborate with some music making buddies for almost every song, which will give it a varied feel to it. Lazy Magnet used this approach to his incredible album, ‘Is Music Even Good?’

All music releases will be under the new label located in Sarasota called Warded Halls. It’s run by Sarasota spaced out dudes Fuji and Andy. Yeah!

One more thing… not 100% official or planned, but Deeyay, Cyber-Swarm, and Mr. Transylvania have intentions on going on a tour up north to Nashville and back down to several spots. We’d like to play with acts like Lazy Magnet, Outmode, CrAow, Deluxin’, Smallpox, Big + Tall, and Matrix Infinity on tour and then Florida friends for a kick off/come back show. More on that later….




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